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Stakeholder Focus Groups

Each stakeholder group has a different set of needs, desires, hopes, wishes, and dreams. In addition, every stakeholder group has a unique culture and background that you should spend time understanding and learning. This is the objective of facilitating stakeholder focus groups.

When we see, listen, feel, and respond to the needs and expectations of those we serve, we become better. This is why our stakeholder focus groups are so important. We take a funds of knowledge approach to engage students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members to ensure we are engaging the entire sphere of influence.

Stakeholder focus groups are a leaders opportunity to set the ground work for efficacy and co-collaboration.

Fathers, Father-Figures, & Men join D.A.D.S. on school campuses to create affirming and positive school environments for students. D.A.D.S (Dad's Achieving Daily for Students) is a volunteer parent program designed for schools and school districts to engage fathers and families of students.

Whether large scale or small, when D.A.D.S are involved, we see positive changes in the school, we see the family unit becomes more involved, and everyone wins! That’s the D.A.D.S. effect!

Family & Community Engagement Audits

Research has shown that effective family engagement produces better results for students, families, schools, and their communities.A research synthesis on family engagement by Henderson and Mapp (2002) found that students whose families were involved in their education, regardless of their income or background, were more likely to:

  • regularly attend school
  • earn higher grades and receive higher test scores
  • pass their classes and move to the next grade
  • have better social skills, including positive behavior at school
  • graduate from high school and attend postsecondary education

Our Family and Community Engagement Audits provide a comprehensive look into institutions family engagement practices, highlighting problems of practice, areas for improvement, and strengths to grow and glow about. We provide a first person stakeholder reflection into the core principles of quality family and community engagement.

Meet The Team

We have worked with and continue to work with institutions seeking engagement to enhance, improve, and transform their organizations and those they serve.

Fatherhood Alliance Staff...

Jasmin Smith, MHR

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Tim Rice

Technology Director

Consulting Partners...

Daryenne Wickliffe
Equity & Diversity Specialist
Charles Narcisse
D.A.D.S. Program Manager
Kotanya Kimbrough
Professional Expert
Joe Smith (M.Ed)

Our current speakers are...

Affirmation Station

Our program intentionally stages D.A.D.S. in the front of the school, at crosswalks, and on campus, to make certain every student that encounters a D.A.D.S., that they also receive positive affirmation and daily encouragement. Consider this your proactive intervention tool.

Literacy Hero / Reading partner

Our program seeks to aid in the effort of making sure all students are reading at grade level or beyond.

Playground Partner

D.A.D.S provides a safe presence on the yard. They aid with visual supervision and/or provide opportunities for structured and fun play during recess.


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